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February 8, 2009
OMRF gives employees cancer test

December 2008
OncoVue® Offers Improved Estimation of Risk for Breast Cancer

December 12, 2008
Gene Test Better Predicts Breast Cancer Risk

August 4, 2008
U.S. Commercial Market Widens for Distribution of First Multi-Factor Genetics-Based Breast Cancer Risk Test

June 2008
OncoVue: Evaluating Breast Cancer Risk

April 11, 2008
Oklahoma-based cancer test helps stop a killer

March 1, 2008
What Should We Do With Carrier Screening?

December 18, 2007
InterGenetics® Cancer Risk Detection Research Awarded Nearly $500,000 in Grants

November 13, 2007
First Genetic-Based Breast Cancer Risk Test Broadly Applicable to Women Released to U.S. Commercial Market

May 16, 2007
Research on OncoVue Published in CANCER, Journal of the American Cancer
Society, Identifies Age-Specific Genetic Associations Involved in
Determining Breast Cancer Risk

February 23, 2007
First Genetic-Based Breast Cancer Risk Test Enters International Market

September 20, 2006
FDA approves study for breast cancer risk test by InterGenetics of Oklahoma City

October 5, 2006
InterGenetics Works To Overcome Delay Rules Changed Just a Month Before Launch

October 2006
Genetic Investigation - Test Gives Women Insight into Odds Against Breast Cancer

Summer 2006
FHCI Breaks New Ground in Genetic Testing

June 2006
InterGenetics to Begin Commercial Testing of First FDA Cleared Genetic Test for Cystic Fibrosis Carriers

May 31, 2005
Interactive Education and Genetic Testing to Take Center Stage in Cancer Prevention

Questions and Answers with Craig Shimasaki

September 7, 2005
InterGenetics Builds DNA Analysis and Genotyping Laboratory

July 15, 2005
Tm Bioscience To Manufacture Novel Breast Cancer Risk Testing Reagents For InterGenetics

May 31, 2005
Interactive Education and Genetic Testing to Take Center Stage in Cancer Prevention

May 16, 2005
InterGenetics Completes $6 Million Private Placement

April 11, 2005
InterGenetics Named 'Innovator of the Year'

March 14, 2005
Next Generation Genetic Breast Cancer Risk Test Using Genetic Polymorphisms is Most Accurate Breast Cancer Predictor

January 24, 2005
InterGenetics Receives $300,000 Matching Grant for Commercial Development of Its Breast Cancer Risk Test

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