What is OncoVue®?

OncoVue® is the first genetic-based, breast cancer risk test that incorporates both individualized genetic-based SNPs and personal history measures to arrive at an estimate of a woman’s breast cancer risk. The OncoVue Breast Cancer Risk Test is a result of research focused on understanding the role that multiple single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) along with personal history measures contribute to a women’s risk of developing breast cancer at various stages in her life.

Research that began in 1993 accumulated over 10,500 specimens under Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval and appropriate informed consent, from women with and without breast cancer, in 6 geographic regions of the country. InterGenetics genotyped 117 different SNPS believed to be involved in breast carcinogenesis. This created a genotype database of over a million different genotypes in addition to multiple personal history measures of women with and without breast cancer. This database represents one of the largest breast cancer risk genotyping databases in the country.

InterGenetics goal has been to identify risk associations through multiple interactions of gene-gene and gene-personal history measures that could lead to a better understanding of the likelihood of a particular woman developing a diagnosis of breast cancer. With this tool, clinical medicine can focus attention on the high-risk patients and employ more comprehensive screening tools, the use of preventive medicines and lifestyle changes that could lead to reduction of risk and the prevention of breast cancer.

We continue to work with multiple academic and medical collaborators on varied aspects of breast cancer risk assessment and the utility of such a tool in stratifying the population for studying other aspects of breast cancer risk. In addition, we are submitting manuscripts in anticipation of publishing much of the data we have generated over the past several years.

As we continue to add more testing centers to the network and offer the test to women across the country, we will be working with the FDA to assist them in understanding the complex nature of this technology, with the ultimate goal to be the first FDA cleared product for the identification of breast cancer in women, and paving the way for other genetic research companies who come behind us.

It has been a long journey and along the way so many physicians and experts in the breast cancer arena have provided us with insight and support to help us achieve a better test, patient and physician education programs and help build support for our next research project for Ovarian cancer risk.

If you are a breast center interested in becoming a participating partner in the Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network, please call Sherry Bellack, Director of Business Relations (405) 271-1764 or Ray Walker, Director of Network Development (405) 271-1726 to discuss if your center could be one of the first to offer this innovative new tool. If you are a woman interested in taking the test, please see the growing list of participating Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network study sites listed under BCRT Network locations for a center near you. We are frequently adding new centers, so check back often or call 1.866.ONCOVUE for additional information.

OncoVue®…One simple test. A lifetime of knowledge.