At Home Genetic Testing?

There are various reasons why one may consider an "at-home" approach for taking a genetic test. However, at InterGenetics® we have a strong belief that the true value of genetic testing for breast cancer risk will only be realized when it is integrated into personalized medical care in a comprehensive breast center. We believe that medical decisions based upon genetic testing are effectively provided by qualified medical staff that know you and can recommend programs specific to your needs and medical history.

OncoVue is a tool for clinicians to assist them to better care for your breast health by incorporating genetic information which may not be otherwise known. Though some consumers may believe that genetic information is easily understood, the use of genetics for risk assessment in the general population is still relatively new and needs medical interpretation and intervention to recognize the full value of these results. This is why OncoVue is only offered in qualified centers that already have programs to care for a women's breast health and is not offered over the internet or direct-to-consumers. This may be disappointing to some who would like to take OncoVue on their own; however, we believe that OncoVue is a powerful tool which has enormous value only when properly incorporated into a comprehensive program designed specifically for you in conjunction with your medical health

Healthcare is a very personal and sometimes emotional issue. Sometimes the answers to the questions we ask aren't as easy as "yes" and "no". A trained professional that is intimately familiar with your medical history on an ongoing basis can provide personalized guidance when making recommendations based on test results that may not provide "yes"
or "no" answers. In addition, what may be the best answer for today may not always be the best answer for tomorrow. As time passes and your level of risk changes, your plan of action should change along with it. Working with a healthcare professional to develop a continuum of care specific to your risk level will give you peace of mind, knowing that you're taking an active role in protecting your health.

The very nature of genetic information is that results need interpretation, therefore it is important to have trained professionals intimately involved to guide you through the process and provide the results objectively. In this way they can assist their patients, whom they know personally, in developing a plan of action. The recommended plan of action could include changes in lifestyle, more frequent mammograms or more comprehensive screening such as MRIs and ultrasound, or even the implementation of preventative medicine strategies. The centers that are part of the expanding Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network® can provide the screening and diagnostic tools along with the care necessary to meet the comprehensive needs of all women, regardless of their level of breast cancer risk. The staff at these facilities can work with you over the course of time to establish and monitor a screening regimen appropriate to your level of risk at each stage of your live.

Healthcare will significantly be impacted as the role of genetics becomes mainstream practice with programs that move from treating disease, towards preventing disease, or catching it at its earliest stages where long-term survival is the greatest. We believe that your local healthcare professional should play a very integral part in your genetic testing decision and the future management of your breast cancer risk. This quality of care does not happen over the internet. The role of these clinicians extends far past the point of delivering test results. They provide compassionate support, assist you in developing a personalized plan to manage your level of risk at each stage of your life, and continue to monitor your breast health on an
ongoing basis. Through the years, these same providers will still be there to review your status and adjust your treatment plan as needed, allowing you to focus your time and energy on other life priorities.