OncoVue® Test Process

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OncoVue® 5-Step Test Process

The OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test is easy for patients. First, fill out a simple medical history questionnaire, then swish a harmless mouthwash and deposit it into the tube provided.

Cells in the fluid from the woman's cheeks contain her DNA and in the laboratory that DNA is extracted and analyzed using thousands of proprietary combinations of multiple genes discovered by InterGenetics® scientists. For the majority of women, these gene combinations are the most accurate indicators of breast cancer risk.

The genetic information and the data from the medical history are combined to assign a numeric value that tells a woman's lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. Her OncoVue® risk test will tell her if she is standard, moderate or high risk for developing breast cancer during each stage of her life. The woman and her physician can proactively design a prevention - early detection - intervention plan that can reduce her chances of developing breast cancer.

When a woman knows her risk she can use the information to intervene with medical options that can change her cancer risk.