Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network

The Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network (BCRTN) is a growing network of some of the finest Comprehensive Breast Care Centers in the nation engaged in frontline genetic identification of breast cancer risk levels in their patients. The network of Breast Care Centers and physicians are also committed to seek aggressive, early intervention of the disease in women who are genetically predisposed to breast cancer.

BCRTN members will provide genetic breast cancer risk testing for their patients using OncoVue® as part of a comprehensive education program to help “at-risk” women understand their risk level and intervention strategies. Identifying genetic risk levels allows women and their physicians to intervene in the development of breast cancer in its earliest stages or prevent the disease before it develops.

The goals of the BCRTN are to encourage and educate women and their physicians in the use of genetic breast cancer risk testing and intervention tools and to provide more sophisticated screening and prevention options for “at-risk” women.

BCRTN members will be selected for the network, based on a number of criteria, focusing on quality standards of care, level of breast cancer surveillance technology and the capability of providing patient education on genetic testing and future risk management protocols.

To locate a breast care center near you click on the link provided or contact InterGenetics® for more information – 866-ONCOVUE (622-6883).

Professionals interested in more information about the network or becoming a part of the BCRTN should contact InterGenetics® – 866-ONCOVUE (622-6883).