BCRTN Membership Criteria

The Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network (BCRTN) is made up of a
growing network of some of the finest Comprehensive Breast Care
Centers.  It is important that the centers selected share our goal of
early identification and early intervention for women who are
genetically predisposed to breast cancer.

It is our intent to provide these centers with educational materials
that will explain genetic risk, implications of testing, results
corresponding to treatment options, etc. These centers have the
capabilities and desire to empower women to identify their risk and
provide them with ongoing care and treatment options to alleviate their
fears and concerns.

Criteria include:

  • Early adopter, innovator of new medical technologies
  • High quality reputation in medical community
  • Sophisticated surveillance modalities and treatment options available
  • Collaborative working environment
  • Patient Education capabilities

Patient acceptance is a critical component of genetic testing, as
the key to success lies in each patient understanding the significance
of genetic testing and her options for managing her risk level