The Referring Physician Network

The role of the Referring Physician Network

The bond between a patient and her primary physician is one that provides a level of trust and reassurance on all aspects of healthcare concerns and questions. Depending upon the stage of life of patients, the provider group varies widely to include family practitioners, gynecologists, internists and obstetricians. Many patients express concern about their level of risk related to breast cancer. This can be due to having family members or a close friend or co-worker that have developed breast cancer, or just a “worry-some” feeling that they could be the one in eight women who develop breast cancer sometime in their life. Because patients will often ask for clarification or advice from their primary care physician, it is important that physicians are informed about new technologies to provide guidance and recommendations.

OncoVue® is a genetic test that provides a numeric risk score for the patient and her physician to use to manage her risk level. By identifying the women actually at high risk for developing breast cancer and initiating risk appropriate surveillance and prevention protocols, women can achieve emotional well-being knowing they have control over their genetic pre-disposition to this disease.

Though the OncoVue® test does not require a physician referral to a participating Comprehensive Breast Care Center for testing, it is important to keep the primary physician informed of the test results; therefore, at the patient’s request the Center can make a copy to be given to the patient for her primary physician as well.

InterGenetics® is dedicated to working closely with all providers of breast care for patients so that the experience of learning of breast cancer risk is a tremendous benefit to the health and well being for all women.

For a center in your area, in the near future a list of participating centers will be provided under the Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network location section. If you currently refer your patients to a comprehensive breast care center that would be interested in hearing about OncoVue® please contact InterGenetics® Incorporated at 866-ONCOVUE (662-6883).


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