What Should Patients Expect?

The patient education program is designed to prepare a patient for taking the OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test. It is important that the patient have at least a minimal amount of information about the origins of breast cancer, the genetics behind the test, what the results mean, and what can be done after receiving the results. The program is interactive and generally administered by a nurse, genetic counselor, or someone trained in the area of breast cancer detection and prevention. While many women would just like to know their results, InterGenetics® and the many Breast Care Centers that offer the test strongly believe that, along with their test results, women must receive information about how they can manage their own breast care in order to improve their lives.

InterGenetics® . . . Partnering with Breast Centers

As collaborators or partners, we will work together to continuously refine educational needs to better qualify women appropriate for testing. We will strive to make the testing experience a positive one regardless of the test result through the follow-up strategies, the services and capabilities of the member centers. We will identify ways to extend educational opportunities for women on breast health issues. As a result of these efforts, the centers will be positioned as the forerunners in genetic risk assessment and disease management. In fact, many of these will be the centers highly sought after by women for advice when it comes to their breast health. And most importantly, we will provide specialists with one more test, the OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test, to put risk into perspective for patients.

In partnership with i.d.e.a.s. InterGenetics has created a unique interactive patient education tool that can be accessed through this link. click this link.