Test Results

Approximately 5 business days after receiving the specimen, InterGenetics® will complete the OncoVue® test and send the results to the Comprehensive Breast Center.

The OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test is invaluable to a patient and her physician in knowing her risk of developing breast cancer at different stages in her life. But the value to the physician goes beyond the test result, giving the physician's practice a new tool for prevention and management of the disease in moderate and high risk women.

The results are presented as a numerical value that designates a woman's individual risk of developing breast cancer. Each OncoVue® score is calculated at three life stages – pre-menopause, peri-menopause, and post-menopause – by analyzing a patient’s individual results as compared to all other women tested using proprietary algorithms to determine their unique level of risk. The genetic analysis process of this information is extremely accurate (>99.999%). OncoVue® scores are an assessment based upon the current knowledge of genes contributing to a unique risk level.

A Standard Risk result can give a woman genuine peace of mind. Keeping in mind there is no such thing as NO RISK. A woman that receives a “standard risk” result still has a chance of developing breast cancer. Naturally, she is less likely to develop breast cancer than someone at “high risk.” Because every woman is at some risk, it is vitally important that women continue their regular screening and surveillance measures recommended by their doctor.

A Moderate to High Risk result gives a woman several options:
More comprehensive surveillance for breast cancer with mammograms, ultrasound and now Magnetic Resonance Imaging-MRI. Earlier detection means better long term survival. Breast cancer prevention drugs like Tamoxifen can actually reduce breast cancer in high risk women.