Value Added For Physicians

The OncoVue® Breast Cancer Risk Test is invaluable to a patient and her physician in knowing her lifetime risk of developing breast cancer. But the value to the physician goes beyond the test result, giving the physician's practice a new tool for prevention and management of the disease in moderate and high risk women.

Unlike other tools or tests, OncoVue® is designed for all women so even women with standard risk can feel peace of mind knowing that they are doing everything they can to protect themselves against breast cancer.

Through a growing network of some of the finest comprehensive breast care centers that make up the initial Breast Cancer Risk Testing Network (BCRTN) - selected Centers and physician practices will be able to develop appropriate screening protocols for patients based on their risk level as determined by her OncoVue® risk score. Physicians can recommend proactive intensive breast cancer surveillance for women at high risk and offer prevention and lifestyle solutions to intervene in the disease process.

These value-added solutions will create a demand for the services from patients and their primary care physicians and allow BCRTN facilities to enhance existing relationships with patients and physicians and create new relationships.

We have provided a physician education link for your convenience. It is about a 10 to 12 minute video. If you do wish to view the video now, please click this link. (v.0106)